Contact information
M: 022 068 4799
M: Jonathon.stevenson.98

  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Certificate in Small Business Management (CSBM) - Level 4
  • Pre-Entry to Nursing (PEN) Program
  • Certificate in Business Computing (CBC) - Level 4
  • Innovative
  • Compassionate
  • People Oriented
  • Keen to Learn


If you are looking for someone with approximately 2 decades (combined) in both the health and IT sectors who is passionate about helping people, solving problems and learning new skills then I'd love to help.

I started in Healthcare as an Orderly in 2001, going on to Pre-Entry Nursing to get my feet wet, into Undergraduate Nursing and Registering as a Nurse with a Bachelors degree in Nursing (BN) in (2009), and some time as an at home dad between 2012-current.

My IT background started with developing web based intranets in 1999 moving on to building internet servers and gateways for schools and businesses utilising open source Linux Distributions, completing Business computing & Management qualifications and more recently delving deeper into Web Based Relational Database Management, Design and Engineering using Linux, Apache2, MySQL, PHP (Server Side Scripting) (LAMP Stack) and OpenSSL for SFTP and Remote Shell connections.


Looking for employment in Health / IT


Evidenced based nursing / practice, LAMP Stack programming, Automation and coming up with New and Innovative web based apps;