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Q: I'm interested in the X Collar range, Can I try out your product before I order?

A: I currently have in stock a limited number of Splints for evaluation.

These have just arrived in late September and have some subtle differences to the early model, which can also be provided for comparison purposes.

These can be sent out free of charge.

Please note that for free product evaluation the manufacturer requires at least 1 person to undertake the free online training / orientation.

This comes with a certificate that can be added to professional development portfolios.

The reason for the mandatory training / orientation is that this product differs significantly to conventional C Collar's in both the technology and installation.

The online training will however make the advantages of this product quite clear.

I firmly believe the time taken to do the online training will be returned to you exponentially through the proper use of the XCollar products.

Q: What price can you do?

A: Initially, to get the best price possible, if you can provide an estimate of how many units you require over a 6 month period, and which product or combination of products you require I can then contact both the manufacturer and the shipper to get the best possible price to reduce your overall product bill.

Q: How much room do I need for storage?

A: At the time of the initial quote I can also provide you with an idea of how much space you will require to store the product.

As the product is stored flat the cartons have a reasonably low footprint.

For initial estimates:
For each cubic meter:
X collar: approximately 480 units,
X Collar Plus: approximately 280 units

Q: Can you keep up with supply?

A: The manufacturer frequently completes orders that fill or exceed a 40' container in a single consignment. To quantify this, a 40' container equates to approximately 16,000 units.

To keep your stock at a manageable level I would suggest initially ordering a 6 month supply with an evaluation at the 2 month period to set up the next order to arrive at the time your first shipment levels drop.

Q: What have you got to help with introduction of your product to our workplace?

A: As mentioned above, the manufacturer has provided free online training to help with familiarising staff with the different ways this product can be used.

As this product is capable of being placed in position of comfort and position found this will be very useful for your staff.

Also online in the resources page on this site is a manipulative skills training guide which includes a skills checklist for competency sign off.

This can be used for peer assessment.

Essentially, what happens is once the first person completes the online training and is assessed as "competent" he or she then becomes an assessor for the product with the end result that any staff with direct contact with the product can assess and sign off any new staff to the XCollar range.

I have also included a product evaluation form (in Microsoft word format) that can be used by staff to reliably assess the effectiveness of the XCollar in various situations.

Q: I am involved in Change Management, What other resources do you have available?

A: I have compiled a list of resources including Evidence based Journal articles, product reviews and comparisons, Endorsements, informative PowerPoints and testimonials all in the resources page here.

There are also small YouTube videos available in the link at the bottom of each page that contains information on the X Collar in the hospital setting as well as some of the benefits of the XCollar over current products based on evidence from current practice.

This channel will be updated throughout the year so please feel free to check back.

Also, one of the links in the footer is to a collection of pins on Pinterest relating to "Cervical Splinting Technology" that you may find useful.