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Welcome to the Media Center.

Here you will find small video clips that will help to introduce the X Collar range to you and your staff.

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X Collar Hospital

An Overview of the X Collar in the hospital setting.

Provides some evidence based research around the need for a new cervical splinting system, and goes through the very basics of what you need to know when you come to use an X Collar product for the first time.

The Basics

What you need to know before you handle the X Collar products for the first time.

Applying the X Collar or NexSplint.

Set up the X Collar


Setup: Initialise the X Collar by extending out the back support and sides,

Adjust: Center the X Collar or NexSplint on the patient via the chin strap and bend the collar around the patient to enable placement of the side clip and tighten tension straps.

X Straps: place the X straps through the guides to the opposite side color coded velcro patch.

Removing the X Collar or NexSplint.

Key points:

Remove X straps

Release strap tension on clip side

Remove clip by pinching together and pivoting the clip outward.