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X Collar Resources

Here you will find resources that may be helpful in introducing the X Collar range to your team

Product Specific Information

X Collar Specifications

Study Guide with Skills Checklist

X Collar Presentation: Why use an X Collar?

Field Trial form: If you wish to have a sponsored field trial this form will help you collect and assess product effectiveness.

Product Awards

2008 Awards Flier

EMS (Top Pick) and JEMS (Hot Product)

Evidence / research based documents

Collar me bad.pdf

A Comparison of three Immobilisation Devices.

The Neck Pivot-Shift Phenomenon.

University of Pittsburgh Study: graphical interpretation of benefits of X Collar vs conventional C Collars.

Cervical Distraction: The phenomenon of abnormal separation of Cervical Spine with the use of Extrication Collars.

Spinal Immobilisation: Time for a change?

DISCRIMINATE SPINAL IMMOBILISATION: JEMS; When do you decide to use a spine board as opposed to letting the patient extricate on their own with cervical spine support.

Testimonials and product feedback from in the feild and hospital.

Lee County EMS product evaluation and feedback

Dane County Testimonial

Deer River Ambulance Testimonial

Clinical Practice Guidelines or protocols: already developed for the X Collar range of products

LCEMS Algorithm for C-Spine protocol

Napa County EMS Spinal Immobilisation protocol

San Joaquin County Spinal Management Protocol

El Dorado Spine Immobilisation 2015 Draft

Spinal Motion Restriction (SMR): An example flow chart to help decision with full immobilisation or not.